EXCLUSIVE: Mike Buss calls for police officer to resign

Mike Buss, who was cleared of stealing thousands of pounds from Help for Heroes, is calling for the officer who handled his case to resign.

After being arrested in mid-2014 on suspicion of defrauding the popular armed forces charity, Mike went to Swindon Crown Court and was cleared of all charges by a jury.

Now, Mike is calling for the police officer who dealt with the case against him, who we will not name for legal reasons, to resign from Wiltshire Police. He has also lodged a complaint, suggesting that the case was not handled correctly.

Police have confirmed that the complaint is being investigated.

Talking exclusively to Swindon 24, Mike Buss said: “I was held in custody for 24 hours even though [police officers] were told about my post-traumatic stress disorder. Later on they brought in psychologist to assess me for interview.”

Mike Buss
Mike Buss

Mike accuses the officer of attempting to intimidate him during his second police interview by warning that his stay in custody might be extended by 24 hours.

“Right from the start, when I was arrested in May 2014, I knew I was innocent”, Mike protests. “I had nothing to hide. At the time, I had asked for a more experienced fraud officer to deal with my case or for Wiltshire Police to pass it onto the National Fraud Investigation Team as it was a high profile case. I was initially accused of taking over £100,000 from Help for Heroes.

“My requests were refused.”

Mike attended a meeting at Gablecross Police Station on Wednesday 4 November. Wiltshire Police have decided to open an investigation into his allegations.

“I had a three hour meeting with a senior inspector at Gablecross who has taken on the investigation into my complaints”, he announced. “I was very happy with the outcome of Wednesday’s meeting, although not all my questions could be answered.

“I am calling for the officer [that investigated the case against me] to resign.”

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: “We can confirm that Mr Buss has lodged a complaint which is in the process of being investigated by DI Matt Jones. It would not be appropriate to make any further comment.”