Empire State Building built in less time than Bruce Street project

The Bruce Street Bridges’ road revamp is taking longer to complete than the construction of the Empire State Building, back in 1930.

It took just one year and 45 days to build the 440 metre tall Empire State Building, and was completed ahead of schedule, compared to the Swindon project’s one year and 68 days it’s taken so far.

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Though, an end is now in sight as Swindon Borough Council report that contractors are scheduled to surface the final section of the Bruce Street Bridges’ junction next week, as the scheme edges closer to completion.

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Hughes Street resident, Fiona Gape said: “The roadworks around Bruce Street Bridges has now been ongoing for too long making living around here difficult.

“The constant noise and the constant queues of traffic make it especially hard getting in and out of my street.

“They’ve even diverted traffic up my street on many occasions.

“It makes it hard to park too. It is hard for people to have deliveries because they’ve diverted the traffic so any vans making these deliveries block the road this is making it hard for the elderly or those needing these services.

“It would help if the council would keep us residents up to date as we have had no information – just things we read in the media.”