Dog dead after contracting Alabama Rot in Marlborough woods

One dog has been put to sleep, and another three are receiving treatment, for what could be the deadly dog disease Alabama Rot.

West Woods, owned by the Forestry Commission

All of the dogs had recently been walked in West Woods, Marborough.

Skin lesions are a symptom of the disease, typically below the knee or elbow although they are occasionally seen on the face or bottom of the chest or abdomen.

Over the subsequent two to ten days the affected dogs have developed clinical signs of kidney failure which can include vomiting, reduced appetite and tiredness.

Earlier today, 16 December, Marlborough News Online confirmed that one of the first three dogs suspected of having Alabama Rot has been put to sleep.

The most recent possible case, is Labrador Mabel, who is receiving treatment.

Mabel, who is currently being treated

Mabel’s owner, Helen Kelly wrote on Facebook: “My gorgeous Mabel is currently in the veterinary hospital in Wroughton with suspected Alabama Rot. There is no clear test for this disease, but the timeline of us walking at West Woods and symptoms appearing make it ‘almost certain’ in the words of the vet.”

Earlier in the week, a spokesperson for said: “There have been three unconfirmed cases of the canine disease Alabama Rot in our area.

“The dogs had recently been walked in West Woods in Marborough. This disease is potentially fatal and can initially present with skin lesions that progress to kidney failure.

“One of our patients is now receiving very specialised treatment at the Royal Veterinary College in London.”

Find out more about Alabama Rot on the Forestry Commission website.