Did you smash this cafe’s window? Own up, pay up and avoid arrest

The owners of Dotty’s Old Town Cafe, who had their window smashed in by a man on a night out, are appealing for him to own up and pay up. In return, they won’t press charges.

The man, who looks to be in his early 20s, was walking along Devizes Road at around 11.30pm on Friday 20 November when he decided to drop-kick the window of the small, family-run cafe, and then rip down and smash up their hanging basket.

CCTV footage removed due to the offender owning up and paying up – read more >

Swindon Town Centre Swindon Town Centre

Co-owner Graham Rowcliffe said: “It was clearly a stupid drunken mistake by the individual, and I would like to give him the opportunity to own up and pay up before we ask the police to press on with their own investigation.

“The police have access to dozens of camera around the Old Town area and we know we will get results based on our CCTV footage. It clearly shows a good description of the man and what he was wearing on the night.

“So, we won’t press charges if the man owns up, and comes in a pays up for the damage he caused to our window. It’ll be cheaper than the repercussions of a criminal record, which could well dampen his future career prospects.”

Owners Graham and Liz are also offering a £50 high street voucher to anyone that can identify the man causing the criminal damage. The £50 voucher will be awarded to the person that first named the suspect, leading to a result – either them owning up and paying up, or them being arrested by the police.


Wiltshire Police have a copy of the CCTV, but have granted Graham and Liz permission to work with Swindon 24 on this unique appeal.

If you would like to own up to causing the damage and arrange to make a payment without police involvement, please call Graham or Liz on 01793 542552 or pop into the cafe at 64 Devizes Road, Old Town, SN1 4BD. Alternatively, please contact us.