Council want to demolish Tented Market to place MORE restaurants

The council have released details of their latest project – one which could evict dozens of micro business owners and see four restaurants open in their place.

Swindon Tented Market
Swindon Tented Market

Swindon Borough Council have released a report detailing plans to demolish Swindon’s famous Tented Market, and in its place build a hub to host four restaurant units.

The report states: “The tented market site is in a prominent location and the current structure is looking run down and in poor condition.

“The restaurant scheme would be designed to a high standard with good quality materials used in the construction and would significantly improve the appearance of the site and introduce evening use and activity to Swindon Town Centre.”

An artist’s impression of the new market by N C Architects

You can view the full artist’s impression document here.

It goes on to state that “Legal and Human Rights have been taken into account in the preparation of this Cabinet Member Briefing Note. It is considered that the recommendations are compatible with Convention Rights”, even if many micro and small business owners will lose their businesses, with no where else offering low rates.

“It seems like the council just want to rid the town of small businesses. Yes the Tented Market looks a bit shoddy on the outside, but it’s full of passionate business people trying to get their brands of the ground”, an anonymous stall holder said.

“Where else can we go? No where. Most of us will have no option but to close. We can’t afford to be in The Brunel, or anywhere else for that matter. I thought the government were pro small business – so why is our Conservative council against helping us grow.”

The Swindon Liberal Democrats are asking for your views on the matter, you can go to to have you say.