Council say that Queens Drive paint spillage wasn’t them

Swindon Borough Council say that the paint spillage on Queens Drive last month wasn’t caused by their contractors.

Residents originally told Swindon 24 thatĀ the spillageĀ happened while council contractors were re-painting the arrows outside Burger King, on Queens Drive.

Although, Swindon Borough Council have denied the claims.

Councillor Emma Bushell, for Walcot and Park North said: “The Council are confident that this spillage was not caused by their workforce as the paint appears to be emulsion rather than the thermoplastic type used for road markings.

“Council policy is to leave paint spillages in place once they have dried as removal can often damage the road or pavement surface and they do not pose a hazard to road users.

“However, in this case an attempt to remove the paint may be made as the council is currently in possession of an item of paint removal equipment. If the surface shows signs of damage the operation will stop and the paint be left to wear away naturally.”