Cotswold Water Park lake contains potentially harmful blue-green algae

Visitors to a Cotswold Water Park lake are being warned to ‘keep away’ after potentially harmful blue-green algae was discovered growing there.

© Go Outdoors Blog
© Go Outdoors Blog

The dangerous algae was found at the nature reserve Cleveland Lakes – on the Wiltshire-Gloucestershire border near Ashton Keynes.

The algae’s blooms produce toxins that can cause eye irritation, vomiting, rashes and diarrhoea. It can also be harmful to animals, according to the Environment Agency.

Ben Welbourn, Estates Manager of Cleveland Lakes says that children and dogs should be kept away from the lake’s edge.

“Access to the water on nature reserves is already prohibited, but in moments of excitement children and dogs can sometimes slip the shackles of their parents’ or owners’ supervision and make a dash for the water’s edge”, he said.

Adding: “If you’re out exploring these sites please continue to enjoy yourselves and interact with nature, but take additional care to make sure you and your family don’t suffer any ill-effects from these algae.”