Two cars stuck in mud on Great Western Way central reservation

Two drivers, who were stuck in traffic on Great Western Way, have become a laughing stock this afternoon as they attempted to get out of the queues.

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The vehicles got stuck in the mud on the central reservation just before midday. By looking at the grass, it is apparent that both have tried their best to escape.

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One driver, who was passing, shouted: “You idiots”.

Other drivers, also stuck in the queues, opened their windows to simply laugh at them.

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: “Police received a call at 12.08pm about two vehicles stuck in the mud of the central reservation on Great Western Way, in Swindon. Officers are now on the scene to assist with the recovery of the vehicles.

“The act of attempting a u-turn on a dual carriageway could be deemed careless or dangerous driving depending on the circumstances. We would always remind motorists not to take unnecessary risks that could put themselves or others in danger.”