Bruce Street Bridges site “riddled with health and safety failings”

Bruce Street Bridges is annoying at the best of times, but when you’re a pedestrian, you don’t except to have to avoid uncovered manholes and trip hazards.

One of the uncovered manholes with piping around it

One concerned resident, aged 60, who wants to remain anonymous, said: “There’s only one way to cross the Bruce Street Bridges site on foot, and that’s the route I took. There were no signs, workers or closures in place to warn me of the dangers.

“There was piping all over the floor, and two deep holes that were not covered.”

Another uncovered hole, with no warning signs, cones or workers
Another uncovered hole (right), with no warning signs, cones or workers

“It’s riddled with health and safety failings”, she added.

Although Swindon Borough Council believe that the area was closed; a spokesperson said: “The footpath where these photographs were taken was closed to the public and warning signs were in place, which were clearly ignored in this case. In fact the person taking the photographs was in breach of the site’s health and safety guidelines.

“Our contractors on site have also confirmed that the open manhole which was pictured was not left unattended. However, we will be speaking to the electricity contractor that was carrying out the work to ensure that in future any manholes that need to be open are clearly obstructed from the public as an additional safety measure.”

On hearing the spokesperson’s comments, the resident replied: “That’s utter garbage. This is strictly not true. I’m 100% sure that this area was not closed. And, if it really was closed, then where were the signs to notify me of the closure?”