BHS customers forced to spend DOUBLE to use their existing gift cards

BHS customers are furious about the administrator’s new gift card rule.

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You now have to spend twice as much as your gift card’s value in order to use it. If you’re wanting to use a £20 gift card, you must spend £40.

MORE: BHS went into administration on Monday, 25 April.

However, customers should be thanking them for honouring gift cards, as “under insolvency law, when a retailer goes into administration, they don’t have to honour gift cards or vouchers,” MoneySavingExpert said.

“Despite this, BHS has agreed to continuing accepting gift cards and vouchers.

“But there’s a big catch – BHS now says if you want to redeem a voucher you need to spend twice as much as the face value of the voucher.

“For example, if the voucher is worth £20, you’ll need to spend £40 to use it and the remainder must be settled by cash, debit or credit card.”