Anger over ticket for parking on nearly invisible double yellow lines

A Rodbourne resident has been left angry after waking up to a £70 ticket for parking on double yellow lines that are virtually invisible.


In daylight, you can just about make out the nearly fully eroded double yellow lines on Summers Street in Rodbourne, but they are impossible to see at night.

Resident Courtney Perring, who drives a Peugeot 206, told Swindon 24 that it was “pitch-black” when she parked her car at 9.30pm on Sunday night, and “had no chance of seeing what was left” of the eroded yellow paintwork.

Although, a photograph, taken by Google Street View in July 2015, shows that the double yellow lines were removed and it is apparent that they now stop closer to the corner.

Summers Street on google Street View, taken in July 2015
Summers Street on Google Street View, taken in July 2015

Her photograph (top) depicts a woman pointing at the invisible lines. Though Courtney tells us that the “lighter bits aren’t even yellow paint, it’s chunks of concrete missing”.

How double yellow lines should look
How double yellow lines should look

Swindon Borough Council are yet to comment.

Courtney says she will appeal her parking ticket.