Amazon pulls ‘hoverboards’ from sale amid fire safety fears

Amazon has pulled hoverboards from its website over fears boards with low quality batteries are prone to exploding, according to the Daily Mail.

A recent hoverboard fire © London Fire Brigade
A recent hoverboard fire © London Fire Brigade

A report by WIRED says the quality of the batteries is the culprit for the sudden combustions, especially used in cheaper, lower-quality versions of the scooters.

It also notes that the scooters use lithium-ion batteries, which, cheap or not, are susceptible to damage and can react violently if punctured.

Swindon Town Centre Swindon Town Centre

There have been a number of reports of ‘hoverboards’ catching fire, with at least two houses in both the US and the UK nearly burnt down after the gadgets combusted while charging in recent weeks.

A statement from Swagway, which sells hoverboards on Amazon, said it was happy to comply with Amazon’s demands requesting it prove its boards had met safety specifications.