Man posts selfies to warn ladies ‘it’s not Halloween anymore’

A man has taken to Facebook to remind women that Halloween is over, by posting photos of himself looking rather, well, interesting.

Credit: Facebook/Aaron Bull
Credit: Facebook/Aaron Bull

Aaron Bull, from Swindon, coated himself in make-up products before partaking in his own selfie photoshoot in his bathroom.

Sharing the photos, he wrote: “These girls are like.. “Don’t I look pretty”

“And most of you men are like yea girl You damn fine..

“When the reality is.. Halloween has been and gone! ITS RIDICULOUS!!!!!”

Many found the post pretty damn amusing but some turned on Aaron, worried about where he got his supply of cosmetics from.

clutched David Mills asked: “It’s just occurred to me, is this your own makeup or have you borrowed some?”, to which Aaron replied, “it’s mums of course.”

We think Aaron’s got some balls. Or not, as the case may be.