Cotswold Wildlife Park hosts its first World Binturong Day on Saturday 11th May

The Park is home to more than 1,805 animals from 254 different species of reptiles, birds and mammals. One species in particular sparks a great deal of curiosity from visitors due to its bizarre appearance.

A new species to the Park, Binturong (also known as Bearcats) originate from the rainforests of south-east Asia. They are neither Bears nor Cats. They are actually related to small forest predators like Fossas, Civets and Genets. They are also the only creature to emit a completely unique scent which smells like buttered popcorn*.

The aim of World Binturong Day is to raise awareness and funds for these unusual looking mammals. To celebrate the Park’s first ever World Binturong Day event, visitors will have the chance to win a one-off encounter with male Binturong Dobby (something which has never been offered before). There will also be talks from keeper and event organiser, Estelle Morgan, at 11.30am and 3.30pm at the Binturong exhibit.
Binturong Project – Cotswold Wildlife Park is delighted to assist with funding for the Bearcat Study Programme which aims to improve the knowledge of this species in its native habitat and collect field data to assist with its IUCN status – more info on this project can be found here: