Wiltshire Sight Supporting people with Dementia

Wiltshire Sight are working to support those with Alzhiemers and Dementia, providing services to individuals living with both conditions. There are over 100,000 people in the UK who have Dementia and are visually impaired. Wiltshire Sight are identifying this with their Looking Out For Sight training which educates care home staff about sight loss and by working together with Alzheimer’s Support to assist people living with both of these challenges.

The charity are providing information, advice and support at their centre in Devizes as well as out in the community. They are highlighting how low vision aids such as talking clocks and colour contrast items can benefit those living with sight loss and Dementia.

A recent example of this was Mr B who visited the centre looking for information and resources to support his mother who was living with Dementia. A Sight Adviser then suggested a dual display clock which has a colour contrast large print screen for those with sight loss and a speech function that will say “It is Sunday afternoon” for people with Dementia. Mr B was delighted with the support he received and felt more informed about the links between dementia and sight loss.

CEO at Wiltshire Sight, Leanne Hubbard said: “We are excited to be working with Alzhiemer’s Support to support those living with both sight loss and Dementia. It is often overlooked that the two conditions are frequently linked and this needs to be addressed. Much of the equipment we suggest for visually impaired people would also be beneficial for those with Alzhiemer’s or Dementia so we need to spread the word!”

You can call Wiltshire Sight on 01380 723682 for more information or you can visit their centre in Devizes.