UTC Swindon celebrate 2018 exam results

Students at UTC Swindon have collected their exam results and are celebrating! The college achieved 100% Distinction Star results in BTEC Level 3 – the highest results possible – IT and excellent outcomes across the board in Engineering.

Individual successes:

Morgan Powell from Swindon is celebrating achieving three starred Distinctions (D*D*D*) in BTEC Level 3 Engineering. She is starting an apprenticeship with Network Rail and hopes to progress into project management and design. She said: “I’m excited and happy and trying not to cry! The teachers here have been fantastic – especially the women teachers – they’re like college mums!”

Lauryn Bailey from Chiesldon gained a fantastic two starred Distinctions (D*D*) in BTEC Level 3 engineering and a further starred Distinction (D*) in BTEC Level 3 IT. She has already started her apprenticeship with Fundamentals Ltd and was heading to work after picking up her results. She said: “I was not expecting this at all! I’m happy and shocked!”

Tayler Bambrick achieved the equivalent of five A-levels – he gained a B in Maths and a C in Physics plus three starred Distinctions (D*D*D*) in BTEC Level 3 Engineering. He’s heading to the University of Surrey to study Mechanical Engineering and is planning to celebrate by going for breakfast with his mum.

Ben Upton from Swindon gained three starred Distinctions (D*D*D*) in BTEC Level 3 Engineering. He joined UTC Swindon when it opened in 2014 and was attracted by the fantastic workshop facilities. He has started an apprenticeship with Batten & Allen as a Tool Maker and hopes to build a career in Design Engineering. He says: “I feel pretty good right now – I was tracking my results all through the year and hoped to do well but this is even better!”

Ben Rickards from Swindon achieved two starred Distinctions (D*D*) in his BTEC Level 3 Engineering Diploma and also got an A-level in Physics. He’s heading to Bournemouth University to study a four-year course in Design Engineering. He hopes to become a nuclear design engineer and says: “I’m very pleased, especially with my Engineering result!”

Tara Whelan from Swindon is celebrating her results of a starred Distinction in BTEC Level 3 IT and a Distinction and Merit in BTEC Level 3 Engineering. She hopes to become a vehicle mechanic with REME and is preparing to meet the fitness criteria – training to run 1.5 miles in less than 12.5 minutes. She says: “I didn’t expect that I was going to get grades this high – I’m really happy!”

Poppy Perring from Kempsford gained a starred Distinction and a Distinction (D*D) in her BTEC Level 3 Engineering course. She’s delighted with her results and planning to work in retail for a year before applying for apprenticeships. She says: “I’m amazed! I’m so happy it almost seems unreal. It was definitely worth all the hard work and I can’t tell you how happy I am!”

Principal of UTC Swindon Jon Oliver said: “Congratulations to all our students. They are heading for some fantastic careers and we wish them every success.

We are extremely pleased with the performances in our specialist subjects, which are the best to date & an improvement on last year’s excellent results.

All students are set up for the next stage of the careers, progressing into apprenticeships, university or employment.

Plans for next year include increasing our digital curriculum offer in our new specialism & establishing a talent pipeline that will provide a direct link with partner organisation is developing students to directly progress into STEM careers.

All staff understand the importance of STEM being embedded across all curriculum areas & actively support students to gain knowledge & apply skills effectively, whilst developing personal attributes that enhance work-readiness.”