The Crossing work goes underway at The Brunel Centre

Building work on The Brunel’s new food hub, The Crossing, has officially begun this week; over a year after its announcement in July 2015.

Plans for The Crossing © The Brunel
Plans for The Crossing © The Brunel

The main contractors moved onto the site earlier this week, but are assuring shoppers and retailers that the construction work will not interfere with the Christmas shopping period.

The development will provide 16,000 sq ft of space dedicated purely to food and restaurants on the first floor of the Brunel Centre.

Recently, we have seen many stores being moved from upstairs to other units around town as well as huge boards surrounding these empty units to promote the hub and give shoppers an idea of what is going on.

This new development is set to open in Spring 2017 after consultations with Thames Water about water relocation, which is planned for January.

Stephanie McGaffin, Senior Asset Manager at FI Real Estate Management, said: “I’m pleased to say that we’ve had a lot of interest in The Crossing and we should soon be in a position to make announcements about the brands that will be joining us in Swindon Town Centre.”

Upon completion, the development will also incorporate a new play zone, an event space, charge points for mobile devices, free super-fast Wi-Fi plus refurbished customer toilets.