Swindon’s Magic Roundabout to feature on Korean TV

Swindon’s claim to fame, the Magic Roundabout is soon set to be broadcasted on Korean television in a special documentary.

Magic Roundabout. © Google Street View
Magic Roundabout. © Google Street View

The documentary is based on issues affecting Korean transport, including driving culture and traffic management; two massive parts of the Magic Roundabout.

After having seen photos and images of the roundabout online, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) came to Swindon last week to see how it works.

Swindon Town Centre Swindon Town Centre

Sohee Parks, co-ordinator of the filming team, said: “When we saw the Magic Roundabout, we just had to see it for ourselves. I have to say, it really is quite magical and it seems to work really well.”

“I think Korean drivers would find using the Magic Roundabout difficult at first, but you can see it is a roundabout that people get used to in time, like Swindon drivers have.”

KBS used Swindon Fire Station to get some aerial shots of the junction, using aerial equipment similar to drones.

Swindon Borough Council leader, David Renard was interviewed for the documentary. He said: “The Magic Roundabout is a landmark feature of the town and it is great the junction is once again helping to put Swindon on the map.”

This year, the roundabout has had its fair share of publicity alongside this. Red Bull held their drifting experience on the roundabout, Mini held a display of their classic cars, and the people of social media confused themselves trying to figure out how it works.