Swindon teenagers given the chance to co-write new Darkmouth book

BT and Barclays are giving young writers in West Swindon the opportunity to work with bestselling author Shane Hegarty in his new Darkmouth book.


Hegarty is the creator of the Darkmouth series, a story of a 12-year-old boy named Finn, trying to save the town of Darkmouth from the terrifying monsters that live there. It is aimed at children aged 9+ and there are currently four books in the series.

For the competition, Hegarty has written the first chapter to inspire the rest of the story for writers to continue. This is an opportunity for under 18s to receive guidance from a local Barclay’s Digital Eagle, to continue the story, writing a 500-word chapter about monster-hunting exploits in their own local area.

This competition encourages young people to share their experiences of growing up in Swindon and include everything they love about the area – its quirks, local landmarks and unique history.

Hegarty said: “The power of storytelling is universal. My mission as a children’s author is to spark imaginations.”

“My challenge to Swindon young people is to contribute to the story chain, thinking creatively about their local area.”

For more information, visit the West Swindon library and ask a member of staff.