Swindon Beauty Salon Drives Smear Test Campaign

Simply Beautiful By Emma is proud to announce an exclusive offer throughout January (and potentially the rest of year) in support of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and the Cervical Cancer Prevention week, to get more Women to have a regular Smear Test.

Emma has backed this fantastic campaign through her Beauty Salon after learning, through recent media coverage, that a lot of women are happy to go a Beautician to have a Bikini Wax – yet won’t attend their smear appointment! Emma came up with the offer to encourage women to have their smear by offering 50% off of her bikini and intimate waxing treatments if you show evidence of booking or having undertaken a recent smear test.

“I can’t believe that 1 in 6 women don’t attend their smear tests when it can potentially safe their life! I have a client who kept putting her smear appointment off and eventually when she did go (waxes later!) she had cervical abnormalities – thankfully she is now absolutely fine but I still can’t get over the fact she’d happily spend 15 minutes being waxed instead of a 2 minute smear test. I really hope that my offer and others sharing the post on social media will be the reminder or encouragement to someone who is due for their smear test and potentially even save a life.” Emma North

Emma’s online campaign on Facebook and Instagram is already gaining traction and receiving positive comments from women around Swindon and Wiltshire saying what a great offer it is and how more women should just ‘go ahead’ and book their test – sooner rather than later, which for some women could be life-saving.

More about Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust:

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to women affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities.

The number of women attending potentially life-saving smear tests is falling only 1 in 6 ladies are attending. Please help Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust change this and join the campaign from Monday 22- Sunday 28 January during Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. Every woman needs to know that smear tests can prevent cervical cancer.