Swindon Autism and ADHD support group hold family fun day

Local charity support group, A Support Group for Parents (Swindon Autism, ADHD) are holding a fundraising day to allow gatherings for children and their parents.

ADHD Autism group

On Saturday, 9 July, a charity fete will be held at Goddard Park School in Park North to raise money to allow the charity to organise fun days and gatherings for children with ADHD and Autism in Swindon.

There will be a range of activities for people of all ages including inflatables, competitions, face painting, stalls, and ball games.

Their annual fete will raise money for their Christmas parties this year, which are held specifically for those with autism and ADHD who have been unable to attend such parties. This may be due to social struggles, being deemed different, or are unable to cope with large crowds, loud noises, or other sensory needs.

A Support Group for Parents (Swindon Autism, ADHD) is run by six people, all with children with ADHD or autism and have helped over 1000 others, offering support for parents and families.

Find the group on Facebook for more information.