Stop Smoking services available for FREE throughout Swindon

Anyone living in Swindon who is looking for help to stop smoking can receive the free support of a specialist advisor.

Developed by experts and ex-smokers and delivered by professionals, the local Stop Smoking Service provides expert advice, support and encouragement to help individuals to stop smoking for good.

Giving up smoking can be much easier with the right support, as studies have shown that an individual is four times more likely to quit with help. Over the past five years the Stop Smoking Service in Swindon has helped over 4,500 people to quit smoking.

The programme offers free one-to-one support for up to 12 sessions along with stop smoking medicines, which are available for the cost of a prescription. The sessions can be either one-to-one or in a group.

Research from the World Health Organisation shows that once an individual has quit smoking for one year, their risk of coronary heart disease is approximately half that of a smoker’s, while after five years, the risk of having a stroke is reduced to that of a non-smoker.

Quitting smoking also reduces the chances of having difficulty getting pregnant, having premature births, babies with unhealthy low birth weights and miscarriages.

Charlotte Wood, Specialist Health and Wellbeing Ambassador at Swindon Borough Council, worked with an individual who wanted to stop smoking to ensure a safe pregnancy. She said: “At first she was only looking to cut down, but after discussing the harms of smoking during pregnancy, she felt confident that she could completely stop. She hasn’t gone back to smoking since and has recently given birth to a healthy baby.”

The benefits of quitting smoking are not only health-related but also financial as, on average, an individual who smokes 20 cigarettes a day will spend over £2,300 a year.

The Stop Smoking Service is delivered in a range of locations across Swindon and currently has clinics throughout the day and evenings.

Cllr Brian Ford, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Adults’ Health and Social Care, said: “Smoking continues to be the biggest preventable cause of ill health and early death as it can result in the development of many health conditions which can shorten a person’s life. This is why supporting people to quit smoking is a priority in Swindon and there are many stop smoking services which are provided by GPs, pharmacies and the specialist service within Swindon Borough Council.”

The Stop Smoking team will be at Swindon Town Football Club on 30 September from 1-3pm and the Swindon Wildcats game on 22 October from 5:45pm to offer free advice and help with signing up to the service.

Anyone who would like support to quit smoking or would like to know more about this service can attend these drop-in sessions, or contact Live Well Swindon on: 01793 465513 or [email protected]