Shoebox Theatre needs to raise £1k to install ‘final piece in the puzzle’

An independent theatre in Swindon town centre is appealing for the public’s help in raising money to install the ‘final piece in the puzzle’ enabling them to open officially.

Shoebox Theatre

Shoebox Theatre will be able to open its doors as soon as the stage curtains are installed, but the team behind the project need to raise £1000 to do so.

The 50-seater flexible studio space is situated in the heart of Swindon’s cultural quarter at Theatre Square – near to the Central Library.

A Shoebox Theatre spokesperson said: “We are working tirelessly to convert the it into a fully functional and affordable theatre, gallery and rehearsal venue – for performers, artists and audiences in and around Swindon.

“We have already acquired some amazing stage curtains and now we need the funding to install them! At the moment, they are lovingly stored away but are looking very sad and not fulfilling their theatre destiny. So something must be done!

“Once we get funding we can get the curtains installed very quickly, it’s the final piece in the puzzle for the first stage of our development plans and will mean we can start to programme professional work into the space and better support community projects.”

You can make your donation on Kickstarter, here.