Playtime in Swindon to be transformed by local single mum

Baby & Toddler healthy eating & playtime in Swindon to be transformed by local single mum

Meet Grace Knights-Ward, local Wiltshire single mum to 1, nursery practitioner & foody entrepreneur. This August, Grace is launching The Mini Muffin – a new healthy food subscription service designed to make life MUCH easier for the parents of busy families, weaning babies and toddlers. Her delicious smoothies, purees, mini muffins and treats combine organic ingredients and imaginative sensory play techniques to help children develop at all stages.

Grace first found her passion for creating healthier eating habits for children teaching Early Years in the UAE over a period of 5 years. Now, with eight years of experience leading teams and working with young children she’s starting her own business. She’s a single Mum to her 1 year old son, Oliver. It was through him that she decided to create The Mini Muffin:

“After the first stages of weaning with Oliver I decided to experiment with my own healthy recipes, the nutrients he receives from the food I provide is a very special feeling for me, one that I wanted to share with parents especially those who do not have time on their side”

Grace has already received backing from The Prince’s Trust, for her new business, of which she is truly grateful for. “Being able to work with The Prince’s Trust, and having their support, means I can launch this business in exactly the way I’d like to.”

Prior to the official launch of the subscription service, Grace is inviting parents, babies and toddlers to a tasting day in which The Mini Muffin will be showcasing free samples of the scrumptious products. There is also a chilly surprise with some ice cold sensory play, along with free face painting. 

Event Details:

Merry Making With The Mini Muffin

Saturday 22nd July / 11am – 1pm, The StowAway, Swindon, SN1 7AG / Entry fee per child £2

“No Nasty Stuff, Just Made With Mummy Love”