New interactive videogame show comes to the Arts Centre

Live comedy game show, WiFi Wars, invites you to play along with your smartphones and tablets at the Arts Centre this September.

WiFi Wars

Hosted by comedian and regular videogame commentator Steve McNeil, the show was first performed as part of the Royal Institution’s 2015 Summer Programme after Steve and Rob Sedgebeer’s appearance on their 2014 BBC Christmas Lectures.

The technology used in WiFi Wars was originally created by the boys for the live incarnation of ‘Go 8-Bit’, and will feature in the new TV adaptation of the show hosted by Dara O’Brien.

“You log-in to a WiFi network that we build in the venue, then you go to a webpage,” Steve explains. “Once you’re there, we can beam buttons, graphics and entire games to your phones using what I assume is some sort of wizard magic.”

“Smartphones and games can often become scapegoats for antisocial or lonely experiences. At our show, we take both and make them celebratory, communal things. Instead of staring at your phone and ignoring everyone and everything around you, at our show, by tapping away at your screen you become part of a shared and joyful experience.”

When asked why people should come to the show, Rob replied: “To come and play a range of fun video games with the rest of the audience, using the latest smartphone technology. With the added bonus of watching two sweaty men panic on stage.”

Wifi Wars will be at Swindon Arts Centre on Wednesday, 7 September and tickets are £17.50 from the Arts Centre website.