New health and fitness facility for women opens in Swindon

The Fitness and Nutrition Centre has opened at the Delta Business Park this week and is holding an event to kickstart local fitness for women.


The centre is a private health and fitness facility that has opened to offer women a new way of getting into shape. The facility has no typical gym equipment in sight and provides a fun and relaxed environment for members to exercise in.

The Fitness and Nutrition Centre launches with a new programme that incorporates specially designed fitness sessions with nutrition guidance and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

“Gym memberships and exercise plans have always been the go-to way of getting into shape, but I felt that there should be a new way of helping people get fitter and healthier,” said founder and personal trainer, Linzie Coen. “I wanted to offer a fitness service that got results, but that was affordable and easy to fit into any lifestyle.”

“We offer the complete package, with time efficient workouts and healthy eating plans for our members; everything you need to get into shape is under one roof.”

In celebration of the launch, The Fitness and Nutrition Centre is holding a two-week event from Monday, 24 October to Monday, 7 November. ‘Female Fitness Fortnight’ will give you the opportunity to try out the programme with fun group workouts and see how the centre can help you.

Find out more about the centre on their website or calling 01793 813809.