MHA Monahans donates old branded goods to young people in Africa

Chartered accountancy firm MHA Monahans has donated surplus branded merchandise to the Jacob’s Well Appeal to support their charity work in West Africa.

After their recent rebrand to recognise their ongoing membership of MHA, the national association of independent chartered accountants, MHA Monahans had goods that were unable to be used.  Determined not to just throw away these items, the Jacob’s Well Appeal was chosen to receive.

The Jacob’s Well Appeal was set up in to provide medical aid, agricultural and educational equipment, tools and building supplies and emergency disaster relief in over 30 countries, including Burkina Faso, Ghana, Moldova, Syria, Albania, Somaliland and Cape Verde.

The MHA Monahans goods will be sent to the schools that the charity works with in Burkina Faso.  Pens will go into shoe box gift boxes that are given to poor children, bags will be given to be used as school bags and t-shirts will be used by teenagers at the school and staff.

Zoe Meaden, marketing manager at MHA Monahans, said: “It’s fantastic that our old branded goods can be reused by communities in Burkina Faso to help young people in their education and support much-needed charity work in the region by the Jacob’s Well Appeal.

“We also donated craft goods to a local school club and so wanted to ensure that we could have the widest reach possible to help charitable and good causes.”

Bridget Conroy from Jacob’s Well Appeal, a Humanitarian Aid Charity based in East Yorkshire said:  “On behalf of Jacob’s Well Appeal I would like to thank the Team at MHA Monahans for donating hessian bags, pens & apparel.

“For 36 years now we have been regularly sending out 40 foot containers to organisations/charities we partner in very poor countries or disaster areas with medical, agricultural & educational supplies.   We strongly believe in helping people to help themselves.”

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