Meet GeorgeLewisTodd, a Swindon busker hoping to make it big

19-year-old GeorgeLewisTodd is an acoustic singer/songwriter from Swindon who hopes to make his way from the streets to the studios.

GeorgeLewisTodd. © Stephen Arnold

For the last five years, George has been busking in Swindon, not for money, but to share his talents and entertain us all.

“When I was just 14 I wrote a song called Stay With Me,” he told Swindon 24. “I made a music video with a few friends, some of those being teachers who helped direct and film.”

Swindon Town Centre Swindon Town Centre

“After suffering quite severe bullying during school, the word managed to spread around that I had a music video on my channel and it pushed me to continue and reminded me that it’s my life and I can live it however I wanted.”

“Instead of the negativity pushing me down, it helped me to grow and made me determined to carry on.”

He has worked his way up on his own, even owning his own label under his artist name. This means that, as well as releasing albums, he can distribute his music to music sites such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play, and Shazam.

“My family are very supportive of my work. My dad the most, pushing me to continue in times where I’ve almost given up.”

“Every opportunity has been completely grasped with both hands and sometimes the line between music and personal time has to be crossed making music literally a huge percentage of life.”

His new merch line, ‘So Rad’ is set to come out on Monday, 1 August where he will be selling merchandise such as t-shirts and albums.

For more information, to download his music, or even to ask him questions, visit the GeorgeLewisTodd website.