Local writer/director looking to fund new folk horror ONUS

Writer/Director Alex Secker and Producer Marcus Starr are following up their award-winning post-apocalyptic thriller Follow The Crows with a brand new folk horror called ONUS, in the style of classic horror films like Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining and, of course, The Wicker Man.

Much like Follow the Crows, ONUS is a micro-budget production, shot using money raised by the filmmakers and using local talent from in and around Swindon. The production is currently shooting and photography wraps in late September, but they cast and crew are still looking to raise funds to cover the cost of post-production, festival entries, music and sound design and possible distribution. They would also like to pay everybody who has been involved in the project thus far.

Secker said, “The fact that all these incredibly talented and wonderful people are actually agreeing to do this with us is overwhelming. At heart I’m a writer and having these amazing people help bring my writing to life is beyond incredible. It’s a real collaboration and I can’t stress enough how brilliant they have been and how hard they have all worked. They deserve the biggest success because they really are that good! It’s not my film, it’s there’s and they deserve 100% of the credit!”
You can help the project out by contributing to the indiegogo crowdfunder over at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/onus-independent-feature-film/x/12231104, and you can get your hands on some cool perks like DVDs, posters and even some behind the scenes content.
The filmmakers want to put Swindon on the map and showcase just how much talent there is in the town, “People like to rally behind success with things like The Silent Child or This Country, and those things are amazing and those people are so talented and deserve their success, but what about all the other hard working artists in town? There are so many brilliant people working really hard who don’t see the rewards, and they just do it because they love it and that’s it. Wouldn’t it be great for them to get some success too?”