Local film-makers create Swindon’s first feature film

Local film-makers Alex Secker and Marcus Starr have just completed the first independent feature film to be shot in Swindon.


Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Follow the Crows tells the story of a small group of survivors who wander the world, searching for purpose. It stars local actors Max Curtis and Daniella Faircloth, as well as a host of local people in supporting roles.

“I’ve been making shorts for years,” says Alex Secker, the films writer and director, “but, aside from Silent Assassin, I’ve never really been that successful in having festivals accept them.”

“We couldn’t figure out why no one was using Wiltshire to make movies. We’ve got some amazing scenery around her, sprawling landscapes and places that appear virtually untouched so we figured we might as well do it ourselves. We found out on the first day why no one else makes films here: there’s a lot of planes around.”

Filming finished in May of this year and post-production has been underway ever since, but now Secker and Starr are looking to raise money to take the movie further, both completing the finishing touches and then releasing it into the world of international film festivals in the hopes of finding a distributor.

The pair just announced that they will be launching a funding campaign for Follow The Crows on Friday, 30 September.

As well as the usual thanks and gratitudes on social media, the duo are offering some unique perks for any potential benefactors, including exclusive, limited edition figurines of the key cast, as well as posters, DVDs, and access to a wealth of behind the scenes content.

To find out more or to donate to the project, follow the film on Facebook.