How to Cook Like a Professional Chef

Italian cuisine is one of the amazing set of cooking traditions. There are many fans of Italian cuisines we’ll find all around the globe apart from China, Italy, Rome, and America. Many books are written on how to cook like a professional Italian chef but the most recommended and the favourite book of all written by Anna Prandoni. She’s the author of “Let’s Cook Italian” with the most simplified details of the famous Italian recipes.

The food from Italy is the combination of many flavours and most liked by many tourists after the Italians. Anna Prandoni wrote the book in a manner to combine cookery art around the world to deliver amazing tips to those who are so into making Italian dishes and love to be a pro chef of Italian food. There are some things which need to be observed while we prepare one person to be pro at cooking of Italian food.

It is necessary to take tips before we start something, especially, when it comes to the career.


Keep in mind that Italian food is not only the one which is famous in the whole Italy. There is tough competition in between cuisines, for instance, if you visit Tuscan, you would be having Tuscan cuisines not Italian. So, make sure that your recipe and pro cooking skills would be so strong to run Italian cuisine in Tuscan as well.

Play like a pro with ingredients

Before starting your Italian dish, stock the ingredients and study the quantity of every ingredient. Like if you’re making A Perfect Tomato And Basil Sauce then do follow the tips, which we had from Chef Fabrizion in the session. He said, before we start making a sauce, cut out the garlic in scrapes and add them in a sauce for strong flavour Be careful while adding the quantity of water To have a good taste make sure to blend the tomatoes well by pressing them in the pan at the same time as cooking Don’t add salt at initial stage of cooking but add a salt before you add pasta Presentation should be great as it is the major component to look at after adding taste to the dish.

Look after seasons

Italian food is good in every season but there are the differences in between the recipes of the food. Some are good in the winters whereas some are tasteless in autumn. Keeping an eye on seasons means making the right decision while choosing the brand new and thus fresh goods or products, so your plates will have more essence and taste. When you pick and choose a recipe, clear in your mind that it’s the exact season for the ingredients you’ve chosen. Become skilled at knowing what’s good and bad in the different seasons regarding Italian cooking.

Techniques to be pro at

It is basic to learn every technique related to cooking delicious Italian food for the various amazing recipes. Example, it is good to learn that how to make risotto, how to prepare stock before cooking, and how to cut the vegetables appropriately.

Tools to enhance cooking

It is vital to know how to use the tools you need to get the remarkable results you want. Nothing is impossible and same as impossible nothing is too complicated to learn and be pro at. Tools are all about knowing which knife to use while cutting the veggies and which tool should be used in chopping meat.

All in all, cooking is the easiest thing once you know how to deal with everything, from regionality to how to use tools you have to know each and every little thing to be pro at cooking or to cook like a professional chef. To be good at anything you have to learn and practice the subject before you show it up like a pro. Make sure to learn every detail with devotion and you’ll be a pro chef like a motivation.