GWH staff join theatre cap challenge

Teams at the Great Western Hospital have taken part in the social media campaign which encourages staff to identify themselves on their operating theatre hats.

Maternity Services staff are leading the way with their recent order of colourful theatre caps which display their names and job titles.

More than one hundred staff have taken part in the scheme so far, which has been backed by the Royal College of Surgeons, in a bid to improve patient safety.

Dr Charlotte Sullivan, Consultant Obstetrician, said: “It is a great idea and we want to encourage more teams to get involved.

“We feel it is a really important element of patient safety as we often have emergencies and people from different teams working in theatre together.”

The campaign hit the headlines a few months ago after it was launched by Australian anaesthetist Rob Hackett.

It has since been shared across the globe on social media, with supporters saying it could save time and confusion at vital moments during surgery.

Participants in the challenge are encouraged to raise awareness on Twitter using the hashtag #TheatreCapChallenge.