Get Your Hands On 1 Of 5,000 Free Pizzas

Chicago Town will be saving Saturday nights in Swindon this weekend as it gives away 5,000 free pizzas from its popular Takeaway range.

WHAT: Chicago Town Takeaway range
WHERE: The Parade, SN1 1BB
WHEN: 7th July, 9am – 5pm

Hands up those who have recently suffered a cold, late, or wrong takeaway? Did it make you feel fidgety, anxious, irate and lost as you waited for your delivery? You’re showing symptoms of a Takeaway FAIL.

The stress of ordering and waiting for a takeaway can bring out the worst in all of us, but it has now been acknowledged as an actual condition – Takeaway Trauma – following scientific research conducted by Chicago Town and The University of Wolverhampton.

Both the physiological and psychological effects clearly demonstrate that Takeaway Trauma is real, and Chicago Town are keen to prove a much more satisfying alternative would be to pop a Chicago Town Takeaway pizza in the oven at home to enjoy a freshly-cooked pizza straight from the freezer in just 20 minutes – with the guarantee of getting exactly the chosen flavour.

Chicago Town’s Takeaway range is made with unique fresh rising dough, giving it an authentic takeaway taste, and making it your #TakeawaySaviour.

Enjoy your Saturday night on Chicago Town.

Takeaway Trauma study:

The experiment by the University’s biomedical sciences department involved participants ordering and waiting for a takeaway pizza while wearing heart rate monitors to measure pulse fluctuations, as well as measuring stress levels using the UMACL.

The study found that the average heart rate increased from a baseline or relaxed 70 BPM to 87 BPM in the period following ordering a pizza, while tense arousal scores – or stress levels – saw an increase with the length of time that participants waited for an order from a baseline 17.25 to 18.38.

Behavioural Expert Darren Stanton, who analysed the results of the experiment, classified the condition in four stages: fidgety, anxious, irate and lost.

Watch the study here: