Bring your socks and free Dobby in the Brunel Centre

As the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child gets closer and closer, the Brunel Centre are asking you to help free Dobby with your own socks.

Harry Potter station. © Facebook/Waterstones Swindon
Harry Potter station. © Facebook/Waterstones Swindon

In the Harry Potter books, Dobby becomes free when Harry gives him a sock so, at the Brunel Centre this month, you have the opportunity to free Dobby from the Brunel Centre’s cage with your own socks.

Not only will you be giving Dobby his freedom, but by putting money in your sock, you will also be helping the Brunel raise money for both The Book Trust and The Youth Adventure Trust. As well as this, all socks will be donated to Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre, which keepers will use to hide treats in for the animals.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be published on Sunday, 31 July, so Waterstones in the Brunel will be opening at 9pm on Saturday so readers are able to queue and get their pre-ordered copies at midnight.

Waterstones will be selling raffle tickets for one lucky winner to win their book and to be the very first person to receive their copy. Proceeds from the raffle will be added to the Free Dobby appeal.

Coffee specialist, 222, will also be staying open to provide refreshments and Butterbeer, and sweet shop Sweets Galore will be out too.