A Guide to Getting Your Business Found by Locals

It is not uncommon for a businessperson to start a new enterprise with the end goal of it being nationally, or even internationally, successful.

It is, however, more uncommon that those goals are actually met.

local business meeting

This is in part due to one key area of negligence – forgetting to first conquer the local area. Without being highly successful with the clients and customers near to your base, how can you expect to be popular the country over?

The key to succeeding nationally, then, is to succeed locally. The key to succeeding locally is getting found.

Know the Area

To thrive in your local area, you must know it inside out. You should assess what demand there is for your product or service there, how many people live in the area, their spending habits, and what sort of economic environment it is.

High streets across the United Kingdom are beginning to be revived but by no means all of them.

You should pick your spot, an area on the rise, not in decline, and depending on your product or service. It should be in fitting with the local need while still being unique. 

Make Your High Street Branding Bold

There is an even harder task for those operating on the high street: to stand out. This can be done with bold, recognisable branding on the outside of your store or office, something which, when it first appears, makes passers-by ask: “Look! That’s new!”

Your frontage should be warm and welcoming with, if necessary, explanations of what the high street’s newest business is providing.

If you do not have your own premises and you are selling your product through other retailers, consider how you may be able to differentiate your product from a rival.

For example, enquire into the possibility of having a booth dedicated to your product or use unique packaging.

Use Digital Marketing

This physical branding should always be complemented by excellent digital marketing. To return to a previous example, if your product is being sold in a retail or department store, you want customers to be heading there specifically in search of your product so that it does not have to work as hard on the shelf.

Getting your brand known online in the local area will help you here.

By enlisting the services of SEO specialists such as Click Intelligence, who also offer their expertise through white label means, your website – and therefore your product – will rise higher on search engine results pages and become more renowned. 

Encourage Feedback

One of the quickest ways to spread word of your new business in a local area is through feedback and word of mouth.

By encouraging your customers’ feedback, you can start ranking highly on Google Reviews, Trust Pilot, or Trip Advisor, helping you get found online.

As your positive reputation spreads both through physical and digital referral, you will begin to see more custom develop in your neighbourhood. 

From here, who knows how far you could expand.