Advice On When You Should Replace Your Boiler

To ensure that your boiler is always running in its tip-top condition, maintenance services should be done at least once a year.

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However, whilst this requirement can be easily disregarded, there will come a time when you will need to have it replaced for the greater good.

Running an old, inefficient boiler could be more costly in the long haul rather than buying a new one, especially with today’s ever increasing energy prices.

Here we gathered a few indications that can help you tell if it is high time for you to consider having your boiler replaced:


An average lifespan of a good quality boiler is around 15 years, provided that you have been carrying out a regular annual servicing.

However, if you are not implementing regular maintenance for the unit, its lifespan can be dramatically reduced.

Nevertheless, if your boiler is approaching the estimated age, you should definitely save for a new one.

Increase in repairs

Whilst annual servicing usually covers general maintenance issues, other breakdowns that are not caused by wear and tear damages will be your responsibility.

This means that the money you will shell out, especially if your boiler requires one or more repairs every 6 months, would be a lot more than if you just have it replaced.

Higher energy bills

Over the years, boilers tend to work harder to produce the same heat output. When this happens, your monthly utility bills will increase as well.

If you start to notice that your fuel bills are higher than they used to be, this could be an indication that it is already time for you to consider and purchase a new, more efficient boiler.


Your boiler should only be burning a blue flame. A yellow flame means that it has been producing carbon monoxide which is a colourless, odourless gas that is lethal at certain levels.

Carbon monoxide can cause chest pain, dizziness, headaches and an upset stomach so if you see this issue, immediately call in service professionals and replace your boiler immediately.

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