Work injury compensation and how to go about it

When you wake up to go to work, your primary intention is to make a living. However, an accident doesn’t have to ruin the fact that you need to work and get things done.

Accidents can be normal because one thing is clear; accidents do happen.

arm bandage following work injury

Many people who get into a car accident are upset and they do not know what to do. They should not worry because we’ve got you covered in this article.

According to studies, workplace injury happens in most workplaces, especially among nurses, care workers, and construction workers. Here is all you should know if an injury takes place at work.

Gather all the details you need as evidence

Because you want your case to be stronger, the evidence you gather matters. Therefore, you have to ensure that you record details. A workplace should have an employer’s accident book for such incidences.

If it is possible, gather witnesses, and it would be great if you take photos of that scene.

Get to know if you have a work accident claim

Before this, you should make sure that the information reaches the Health and Safety Executive. It is the work of the employer to do this. However, you, as an employee, you should follow it up.

It is also good to check whether you are eligible for a work accident claim. It is always good to examine the situation. For instance, get to know the kind of injuries you got from the accident and when they were diagnosed.

Get to know if you qualify for compensation

Fundamentally, you do have the right to get compensation depending on the injury you get. It is the work of your employer to ensure that the workplace is safe. If it is not, they have to ensure that you have the right gear.

Besides that, your work environment should be tidy. If your job description features dangerous activities, it is the work of the employer to ensure that you have adequate training.

You should get some compensation in one way or another.

If your employer closes business, you can still acquire work injury compensation through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Remember, your employer needs to have an employer’s Liability Insurance.

What to do if you are late on making a claim

Some people realise the injury later. However, there is no problem with that. You can still get compensation.

If you report the damage within three years of the accident, you are not too late. Additionally, if someone was to blame for the accident, you are still liable for compensation.

Have a legal advisor walk with you

Because of the seriousness of the matter, it is always wise to have a legal advisor by your side. He or she should advise on how to get compensation, including the right amount. Apart from that, the legal advisor will also help you make essential decisions concerning the case.


Since accidents can happen anytime, it is good that you remain protected at all times. Ensure that your employer prioritises your safety before anything else.

If you are new, take time to know how to run things. For instance, have the right training so that you can minimise accidents. You should also have protective gear when you are working.