How To Save Money When Purchasing Office Supplies

Restocking your office inventory can be a pricey process. Whether you’re replenishing stocks for your personal, private office, or for an office that you share with colleagues in your company, finding these supplies can also take time – and you may be tempted to trade with the first office supply company that you find.

But, of course, to rush into purchases is to waste money on items that aren’t the best value. Instead, use the tips listed below the next time that you’re looking for supplies for your office, ensuring you’re getting the best value for your investment.


Often, it’s best to go with wholesale companies instead of high street providers when it comes to office stationery. This is especially true for larger offices that require constant restocking in everything from A4 paper to staples and pens. Find a wholesale office supply company to establish a partnership with, and make use of their deals when restocking your stationery supplies.


Meanwhile, if you feel that you’re in need of some new office furniture, you should take a look at the second-hand options in case a nearby office is shutting down. This happens relatively frequently, with the resulting fire sale of furniture – including plenty of ‘like-new’ desks and chairs – going for extremely low prices.

You can also check out online sale providers in second-hand goods to find these bargains. For instance, Gumtree and Craigslist are a good place to start.

Head Online 

For other more specialist and more expensive office items, you may find that prices are considerably lower if you take your shopping online. This is especially true if you’re shopping for items that you’d usually simply rush out to the store to replenish. For instance, printer toner, which is expensive in the stores but cheap and easily delivered to your business when ordered online, is essential. You can find affordable printer ink cartridges at the Cartridge Shop.

If you have the foresight to plan ahead, ordering these essentials online is far more appropriate than buying them in the physical world.

Buy in Bulk

Even if you’re just looking to make a small restock for everyday items like notepads and pens, it’s true that whatever you buy, buying in bulk will take the price of the individual item down significantly. So, if you expect you’ll eventually use all of the stock you buy in, and you have somewhere to store it in the meantime, making a larger investment by buying stock in bulk will certainly save you money in the long run.

Computing Replacements

Finally, perhaps the most important of all office items – the computers you perform your work on. These are required to work with the software that your business uses and should be fast enough to work with multiple programs running at once. If your computers start to fall short of the mark, you may have to search the market for a new set of computing hardware to get your business running at optimal efficiency. You’ll find excellent computer price comparison websites to help you save money in this regard.

Next time you’re restocking your office, bear the above tips in mind to save cash on all of your purchases, while nonetheless securing value for your company.