The Heart of CNC Innovation in the UK: Swindon at the Centre of this New ‘Industrial Revolution



Swindon, a town located in Wiltshire in the heart of the UK, is emerging as a hub of technological innovation, particularly in the field of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. A transformation that is not only reshaping the local industrial landscape, but is also positioning Swindon as a landmark in the UK manufacturing sector.

Swindon’s Industrial History

Swindon has a rich industrial history dating back to the 19th century. The town saw a significant transformation with the arrival of the Great Western Railway (GWR) in 1841. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the chief engineer of the GWR, chose Swindon as the location for the new railway yards, leading to rapid economic and population development.

The Swindon railway yards, known as the Swindon Works, became one of the largest and most advanced industrial complexes of its kind in Europe.

The railway industry led to an economic boom for the town: the population grew rapidly from a small farming village to a thriving industrial town. The construction of houses, schools and other infrastructure followed the expansion of the railway yards, radically transforming the urban landscape.

In the 1980s, Swindon became an important centre for the automotive industry with the opening of the Honda assembly plant.

In recent decades, Swindon has attracted many technology and advanced manufacturing companies. The presence of these sectors has encouraged the adoption of new technologies, including CNC machines, with global companies like the CNC tools leader Amastone and local companies investing in training and infrastructure to remain competitive in an increasingly high-tech global market.

The Role of CNC in the New ‘Industrial Renaissance

The adoption of CNC machines marked a new chapter in Swindon’s industrial history. Local educational institutions, such as New College Swindon, offer specific programmes to train a new generation of highly skilled CNC operators.

These programmes not only improve technical skills, but also promote innovation and creativity in the manufacturing sector.

Swindon’s companies are working closely with universities and research centres to develop new applications for CNC machines, an ecosystem of innovation that has made Swindon a hub for advanced technology in the UK.

The town has benefited from significant investment in technology infrastructure, creating a favourable environment for economic growth and the adoption of CNC technologies.

Economic and Social Benefits

The adoption of CNC machines in Swindon not only improves the efficiency and productivity of local businesses, but also brings numerous economic and social benefits:

  • Job Creation: The CNC industry generates new job opportunities, both directly and through related industries, contributing to local economic growth.
  • Sustainable Development: CNC technologies enable more sustainable production, reducing waste and optimising the use of resources.
  • International Competitiveness: The adoption of advanced technologies makes Swindon’s businesses more competitive globally, attracting international investment and partnerships.

Swindon’s industrial history is a testament to the city’s ability to adapt and innovate. From a world-class railway centre to an advanced technology hub, Swindon has continually evolved its industrial landscape. Today, with the adoption of CNC machines, the city is once again at the forefront of the industrial revolution, ready to meet the challenges of the future with a solid base of skills and advanced infrastructure.

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