New swindon company looking to bring delivery and waste disposal services to the 21st century

2019 is a big year for Swindon-based startup Tote. The company has taken massive steps forward throughout 2018 and is set to launch their new app and website delivery service in the early part of the new year.

The company aims to provide a platform that connects local van owners with the public to open up the market for on-demand delivery and moving services.

Tote, who are part of Nationwide’s Mentoring Programme are looking to make life that little bit easier by making it quicker to book someone with a van for bulky item delivery & licensed waste disposal, or for those with a van to find work locally.

The company are looking to connect the market in a new way, with their unique mobile app which allows for users to follow the steps through the app, and have a job quoted and booked in minutes.

Think of Tote as your friend with a van. They are the quicker, safer and more convenient way for man with a van service. They connect workers who own vans, with those who require a van for things such as Gumtree, eBay or Facebook purchase pickups, Store item pickup, or even licensed waste disposal.

Tote, which is based in the Workshed co-working space in Swindon, have been working non-stop to get their product to market. They hope to share the path of other great app businesses such as Uber and Deliveroo, which have seen great success by connecting people and allowing them to work the hours that suit them whilst building a steady income as a self-employed individual.

By connecting local van owners with local jobs, they aim to be able to offer on demand delivery within the hour. You can also schedule jobs ahead of time, to ensure van services are completed at a time that suits you.

They have already seen good interest in the service pre-launch, with lots of people signing up for their early adopter offers. They are currently offering van drivers their first 5 jobs fee free and offering 15% discount codes for people who need one of the apps services of either licensed waste disposal, or a mini move of 1-2 bigger items such as a sofa or mattress.​

Shane Moore, CEO & Founder at Tote, said: This is one of the few services that is still stuck in the dark ages for both parties. When we launch, consumers and service providers will easily be able to connect to each other, making Tote the quicker, more convenient and safer way to book a service with a van

All our drivers and heroes are checked before being allowed access to jobs, which means that you know you are in safe hands and will be supported by us. We check all vehicles to ensure they have a valid MOT, are Taxed and Insured, and anyone who wants to do waste disposal jobs are checked to ensure they have the right licenses to do so.

Van Drivers are the backbone of our service, and we are keen to work with the local van owners to offer them additional work. We are offering the first 100 van owners no service fee on their first 5 jobs. A perfect opportunity for anyone to try us with no commitment or fee

Create an account today for 15% off your first job when the app launches, as well as the opportunity to take part in their Early Access scheme to earn rewards and more! Register now at