Local firm paste their way to the top with wallpaper launch

An international retail company based in Swindon has this week launched the sale of custom-sized wallpaper murals, featuring everything from picturesque scenes of the Eiffel Tower to colourful cartoon animals.

Ecommerce website Canvas Art Rocks, which was acquired by Acres Retail in 2016, ships canvases, framed printers and other merchandise around the world for hundreds of customers every month. It’s hoped that the launch of their wallpaper murals collection will take their website to the next level.

Every product is handmade in-house at the Acres Retail offices on Cheney Manor Industrial Estate, where the firm’s five members of staff print, make and ship the popular wall art products.

Company director Tony Acres, 46, from North Swindon, told of how the idea’s been developing for some time.

“Following the launch of our USA and Netherlands’ stores, we’ve been looking for ways to grow Canvas Art Rocks. We’ve been selling canvases for some time and we’ve mastered that. We needed to find a way to scale and develop our ecommerce business and wallpaper was the perfect fit.

“We’re really excited to have launched our wallpaper murals this week, it’ll diversify the product range offered by Canvas Art Rocks.

“Our wallpaper murals are printed to the measurements provided by the customer online, meaning their wallpaper will fit their chosen wall perfectly. Our easy-to-use system embedded into our website calculates the exact cost of the order by square metres, making the pricing transparent.”

Find out more about Canvas Art Rocks’ wallpaper murals, or to order yours, visit www.canvasartrocks.com