Aspect & Intradiem Come Together to Enhance Contact Centre Solutions

Aspect Software is an industry leader when it comes to enterprise contact centre solutions and workforce optimisation software.

Recently, the company announced its partnership with Intradiem, one of the leading solutions for real-time automation for workforces. Let’s take a look at what this partnership means for your business.

call centre staff on the phone

How Will This Partnership Work?

Aspect and Intradiem are planning to come together to pair their best-of-breed workforce optimisation tools with real-time automation for enterprise-level customers.

This formidable combination will provide the perfect solution for businesses operating some of the world’s largest contact centres.

At this time, Intradiem is the only workforce automation solution that guarantees results. They pledge to improve employee engagement and enhance your customer experience.

Think of this software as a bit like a virtual manager, where you can set rules to trigger things in real-time when conditions in your call centre change.

Aspect’s core mission is to simplify and improve customer engagement via their call centre software and workforce optimisation applications.

As you can imagine, these tools work wonders for helping companies keep their customer support agents engaged, which is imperative for providing exceptional customer service for your consumers.

This software is as flexible as it is scalable, which makes it a must-have for businesses wanting to provide customers with self-help customer support and live web chat options.

This is what Michael Harris, Aspect’s CMO, had to say about the pending partnership:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Intradiem to provide enhanced automation to our customer base, centred around training, coaching and other real-time processes… Intradiem is the clear market leader in real-time contact centre automation and their cloud-based solution is a very good fit for our enterprise customers with contact centres as large as 50,000 live agents.”

Similarly, this is what Matt McConnell, Intradiem’s CEO, had to say about the upcoming collaboration:

“We’re proud to have been selected by Aspect to provide its customers with contact centre automation technology that complements their workforce optimisation solutions. Intradiem’s solution is used by many Aspect customers today to deliver significant cost savings and we’re excited about expanding the relationship to create more value for Aspect’s customers… No other competitive WFM solution offers the breadth of automation as the combination of our two software technologies.”

If you read the fine print of the agreement, Aspect has consented to market Intradiem’s solution to its vast base of contact centre customers. Aspect’s users will be able to install and use Intradiem’s solution as an add-on to the Aspect WFM platform (a bit like a WordPress plugin).

The core features this extension boasts allow you to:

  • Send targeted training materials in real-time to employees who are experiencing idle time.
  • Run real-time coaching sessions by matching agents with an available manager.
  • Automatically adjust the scheduling of your agents’ breaks and lunches based on real-time conditions.
  • Automate schedule exception write-backs to Aspect WFM.

The Ultimate Contact Center Solution

By pairing these two best-of-breed workforce optimisation and automation tools, enterprise-level customers now have the perfect solution to running huge contact centres.

For more information about this partnership, contact Aspect via their website or call 1-888-547-2481.