Accountant offers free advice to local businesses to get smarter with their money

Chartered certified accountant Steph Rickaby is running a free morning of training on modern accounting next month to allow small business owners and sole traders to get smarter with their money.

Steph, who has run her accountancy practice Sunflower Accounts for seven years, said: “During these uncertain times, it’s important to know exactly where every penny in your company goes.

“A lot of businesses are using outdated methods to manage their accounting, and they aren’t able to see their finances in a real-time and dynamic manner. We’ll be sharing some of the available tech tools and knowledge they may need to implement smarter ways of working to save them money and buy back time”.

The event will also feature a sales session from Alison Edgar, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, and managing director of Sales Coaching Solutions, focusing on her ‘Intrapreneurship’ methodology.

“It’s easy for employees to have the mindset of ‘it’s not my money’, and the pounds start to add up. My methodology provides business owners with up-to-date messaging to help their employees adapt their mindsets to think like business owners,” Alison said.

The event is being sponsored by global accounting giant, Xero as Sunflower is a Gold Partner with the accounting software giant. It’s being held at Thrings Solicitors in Swindon, on Tuesday July 9 for up to 50 people. To book your place visit